Information for Participants

This annual meeting and short course will be held on the complete Web method using Zoom.

Participation and Viewing of Annual Meeting and Short Course

Those who have pre-registered and paid the participation fee by November 1st will be notified by email of their ID / password for web participation by November 10th. During the session, please access the "Annual Meeting Viewing Site" and "Short Course Viewing Site" on the annual meeting homepage and enter your ID / password to participate.

About Poster Presentation

The poster title of the annual meeting will be posted on the "annual meeting viewing site" in e-Poster (PDF) format. In addition, the presentation will be made in the form of an instruction using Zoom's breakout room. Please check the program before joining.

About Sponsored Seminar

The annual number of sponsored seminars is set as shown in the table below. Zoom will be entered on a first-come, first-served basis, so you will not be able to watch it once the capacity is reached. In addition, we will provide the names and affiliations of the participants to the co-sponsoring company. Please note. There is no capacity for short course sponsored seminar, so anyone can watch them.

Seminar number Date and time Capacity Co-sponsored company
1 17th November
(Wed.) 12:00
2 18th November
(Thu.) 12:00
100 people Bruker Japan K.K.
3 18th November
(Thu.) 12:00
4 18th November
(Thu.) 12:00
100 people Thermo Fisher Scientific K.K.

About Corporate Session

In the corporate session of the annual meeting, instead of the company exhibition, each company's efforts and product introductions will be announced. There is no need to apply in advance, so please join us and use it to collect the latest information. In addition, please note that the names and affiliations of the participants will be provided to the co-sponsoring company.

How to ask a speaker

If you have any questions about the speakers, please use the Zoom Q & A. Please specify which speaker you are asking and fill in the questions briefly. Please note that you may not be able to answer due to the content of the question or the remaining time.

About abstracts

The abstracts of this annual meeting and short course will be posted on the "annual meeting viewing site" and "short course viewing site" respectively, and printed matter will not be provided.

About accreditation unit

There are no accredited credits that can be earned by participating in this annual meeting and short courses.

Precautions for viewing

  • It is strictly forbidden to take pictures / videos or copy screens of lecture materials and e-posters as it may violate copyright law.
  • All lectures will be delivered only once on the day and will not be re-delivered, so please check the time schedule and program and be careful not to miss it.

Recommended viewing environment for web participation

This year's meeting and short courses will be delivered using Zoom.
The following viewing environment is required to participate and watch.

  • Even if the viewing environment is satisfied, you may not be able to watch normally depending on the terminal and line conditions.
  • Unexpected updates of the OS and web browser may affect viewing.


  • Windows
    OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8, 8.1 / Windows 7
    Web browser: IE 11+ / Edge 12+ / Firefox 27+ / Chrome 30+
  • Mac
    OS: macOS X / macOS 10.9 or later
    Web browser:Safari 7+ / Firefox 27+ / Chrome 30+
  • Others
    Check the Zoom website for more information.


OS: iOS 8.0 or later / iPadOS 13 or later
Web browser: Safari5+ / Chrome


OS: Android 5.0x or later
Web browser: Webkit (Default) / Chrome